Trust the process--

The purpose of our PRE-ORDER process is to ensure that we make the exact amount of shoes our customers desires. Being an independent company it's important we limit our overhead; by adhering to pre-order you will be helping us do just that.


We list style and color available for pre-order. Open date is when pre-order beings, end date is when pre-order(PO) ENDS. You have in between that time frame to place your order. Once PO ends; our factory begin the process of making your sneakers. (It will take 2 months after the PO end date to produce your shoe).


 Italy's greatest craftsman begin to meticulously hand crafted your shoes. You are notified through each step of the production process. Your shoes will go through a rigorous scouting process to ensure each pair reach our standard for craftsmanship, quality and comfort. 


Once we approved your shoe. Our factory sends it to us and we ship it directly to you. You are notified through each step of the shipping process from factory to us to you. You get a shoe that last for years, not seasons.

Please read refund policy