Alphanso England is a Jamaican born footwear Designer and enthusiasts. After moving to New York City; he's devoted the majority of his life to Art & Design. He received a Marketing BA Degree from Berkeley NY. Alphanso England first introduce his namesake Brand in the beginning of the pandemic year 2020. Our purpose is to inspire All human race to achieve their fullest potential; while simultaneously creating the finest affordable luxury goods viewed as contemporary yet timeless. The Brand is an extension of his many interest and personal values which includes Respect, Love, Honesty, and Kindness.

   All of our brand creations derive from a combination of Mr. England influences from Music, Sports, Fashion, Arts, and Collectables. Some key components you'll find in every product we produce are Quality, Comfort, a keen focus on intricate details, and Timelessness.  All of our luxury Goods are made from the finest luxe leather and most immaculate embellishments for high-end products. Each item is meticulously hand crafted by the greatest artisans in Italy and will go through a rigorous scouting process to make certain each piece reach our standard for craftsmanship and quality.